Boilers are the hardest working appliances in our homes providing heating throughout the cold winter months and hot water all year round.

It is important to make sure your boiler is clean, safe, efficient and performing at its optimal level. Regular maintenance can save you in running costs and prevent the need for premature boiler replacements or repairs.

Whether you require a full boiler installation, upgrade, repair or ongoing maintenance Hydro Heat have the solution. We offer a complete and comprehensive service meeting all your requirements advising you on the best solution for your specific needs.

If your boiler is fairly modern, it may simply need flushing or a service whereas if your boiler is old, you may find it far more cost effective to upgrade the system all together.

We are Worcester Accredited Installers and Grant G1 installers which enables us to offer the highest guarantee lengths possible on their boilers along with the most energy efficient products saving you money and helping you achieve Eco credentials.

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    Our Boiler Services

    Hydro Heat provide a range of general boiler services covering gas, oil & LPG

    Boiler on the blink and can’t get it to work?

    No matter what the job – big or small, you can be assured we have a specialist engineer to do the job. This includes any maintenance, repairs, or replacement parts you may need for your boiler.

    In addition, we offer an emergency call-out service so anyone having urgent problems can call us out to get them fixed right away. Hydro Heat are here to make your life easier!

    What We Can Offer

    • Boiler maintenance & repairs

    • Boiler replacements/upgrades

    • New / Replacement system filters

    • Provision of Landlord Gas Safe Certificates

    • Emergency call-out service

    • Control upgrades/smart controls

    • System flushing

    • Water testing & water treatment

    Whilst the correct design and installation of any system is key to providing an efficient solution, it is extremely important that systems are serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure ongoing efficiency and safety. It is often a condition within manufacturers guarantees that annual servicing is carried out.

    Hydro Heat carry out servicing and maintenance of boilers, fires, water heaters and many other types of gas and oil fired appliances on a daily basis. Whilst Hydro Heat can design and install complete new systems, a large proportion of our work comes from upgrading, replacing and extending existing services. No part of any system can be expected to last indefinitely and at some stage appliances, components and pipework will need to be replaced.

    Whether replacing a single appliance or the entire system, Hydro Heat have successfully completed projects of this nature on a regular basis and we guarantee complete customer satisfaction with minimum disruption.

    Typical Jobs Carried Out

    • Oil boiler servicing

    • Gas boiler servicing

    • Strip & clean combustion chambers

    • Replace burner nozzles

    • Check combustion performance

    • LPG boiler servicing

    • Repairs and replacement parts

    • Landlord Gas Safety certificates

    • Ensure all safety legislation and criteria is met

    • Recharging expanson vessels

    • Replacement of oil filters

    • Installation/replacement of system filters

    • Check/maintain system inhibitor levels

    • Check quality of installation and ventilation requirements

    • Re-pressurising heating systems

    If your boiler is old or even prone to malfunctioning or at worst is beyond economical repair, a replacement boiler will help to minimise fuel consumption, optimise efficiency and save money.

    With a modern boiler you have greater choice and control and improved opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and save money. There are numerous benefits for this including the reduced environmental impact, reduced requirements for costly ongoing repairs and maintenance. Having a high efficiency condensing boiler will help save you money on energy bills. With newer systems you will also benefit from a larger variety of controls, some of which give you remote and automated control wherever you are.

    When you choose Hydro Heat for your boiler replacement you have the added benefit of extended guarantees on certain boiler makes through our accredited installer status. As a Worcester Accredited Installer (WAI) and Grant G1 Installer, we can extend many benefits to our customers that are unavailable to your average plumbing and heating company.

    We have many years of experience in providing full boiler replacements and upgrades across an array of property types so you can have full confidence that you are in safe hands when you choose Hydro Heat.

    Why Should You Get Your Boiler Replaced?

    • Up to 12 year labour and parts guarantee

    • Reduce your bills

    • Improve safety

    • Prevent costly and inconvenient breakdown occuring

    • Reduce carbon emissions

    • Guarantee compliance with safety standards

    • Guaranteed compatibility with your heating system

    • Enjoy the most modern control systems

    • Save space in your home/business premises

    Buying a new boiler can be a large, and often unexpected, expense.

    Don’t worry, Hydro Heat offer a comprehensive Boiler Finance package that allows you to install the boiler you need whilst spreading the costs in an affordable way.

    We take the worry out of paying for your boiler by offering Boiler Finance options with low monthly costs. Simply select the package that suits your needs.

    Additionally, our boilers come with up to 12 year’s guarantee (subject to boiler model selected) giving you peace of mind for the future.

    Please contact us to discuss your boiler finance requirements.

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