Boilers are the hardest working appliances in our homes providing heating throughout the cold winter months and hot water all year round.

It is important to make sure your boiler is clean, safe, efficient and performing at its optimal level. Regular maintenance can save you in running costs and prevent the need for premature boiler replacements or repairs.

Whether you require a full boiler installation, upgrade, repair or ongoing maintenance Hydro Heat have the solution. We offer a complete and comprehensive service meeting all your requirements advising you on the best solution for your specific needs.

If your boiler is fairly modern, it may simply need flushing or a service whereas if your boiler is old, you may find it far more cost effective to upgrade the system all together.

We are Worcester Accredited Installers and Grant G1 installers which enables us to offer the highest guarantee lengths possible on their boilers along with the most energy efficient products saving you money and helping you achieve Eco credentials.

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